Have you ever gone through a process of self-development or growth, and found yourself getting frustrated that it was taking so long? Maybe you gave up early because you were not seeing the desired result at your anticipated speed?

If so, you’re not alone.

Changing anything about yourself, your circumstances, or your surroundings is rarely easy. Change requires a vast mental fortitude that will often be tested.

But what if it didn’t have to be like this? What if you could change almost instantaneously?

Change takes so long because we’re told that it is supposed to. Culturally, we’re programmed to believe in things such as “the hustle” and working to be better at something (or to be better versions of ourselves) because we feel like we’re not enough.

We live in a society that makes it wrong to succeed quickly, or to change in an instant.

Think about it. If you were stuck in a dead-end job that was sucking all passion from your veins and you realized that you needed to make a change, how long would you wait to do so? Would you save up the recommended six months salary to “make it on your own” before you left the job?

Most people choose to change slowly because growth is uncomfortable.

When you decide to change, understand that you haven’t actually done anything yet. Just because you have decided to do something, doesn’t mean any effort has been put into the process of changing.

Change is scary for most people. It’s also uncomfortable as all hell, because you have to separate yourself from your current lifestyle; a lifestyle that usually facilitates a level of comfort and certainty.

(Insert cliché line about leaving your comfort zone)

Change usually takes so long because we tiptoe through it out of fear of the unknown. There are so many new variables to be accounted for when we change that running at full speed is considered a dangerous pursuit.

In the end, it’s all in our heads, and it’s all bullshit.

How To Change Instantly

If you want to change in a moment, you must commit to the change. This sounds simple, but remember, simple never means easy.

In order to introduce a new element into your life you have to be ready to battle the negatives and the downsides. If changing were easy, there’d be no obesity.
Here’s a 3-step process that will help you make any desired changes in your life in a moments notice:

1. Move Your Body

The less active you are (and I don’t mean exercise, although it helps) the less likely you will have the emotional charge for change. By moving around and using your body, you will be creating much stronger emotions than if you were sitting or laying down and swimming around in your head.

Look at people who are frequently sad or anxious. Usually, they are in a very closed off position sitting down. This does nothing more than allow them to focus on the things they want to avoid.

The more you move and produce energy throughout your body, the more resourceful and motivated you will become when it’s time to change.

2. Make the Pain of Staying Where You Are Greater Than the Pain of Changing

Take this into consideration: Why would you change if you were comfortable?
Now, before we get into this, being comfortable does not meant that you are necessarily happy or fulfilled. Usually, being comfortable can leave you with a sense of wanting. So, just because you are comfortable, you may still desire change. But do you desire it enough to actually change?

In order to break free from the comfort trap, you need to get some serious leverage on yourself. You need to get real. You need to get mean.

If a smoker wants to quit smoking because they know it’s bad for them and they could die, chances are they won’t stop smoking. There just isn’t enough motivation. The fear of death is perceived to be years and years away.

Now, if the smoker got some leverage on themselves by creating a fear immediately that’s greater than the comfortability of smoking, then we would see a change. An example of this fear would be if they imagined and made real the scenario of their spouse or significant other in a new relationship after they died from lung cancer.

Now that’s cause for change!

3. Raise Your Standards

We all have standards for our life, whether we explicitly created them or not.

We have beliefs about ourselves and we have a general sense of self-worth.

More times than not, however, the standards we set for our life must elevate if we want to make a change. By doing so, we begin to hold ourselves accountable for our progress and we make the previously accepted standards for our life unacceptable.

Raising your standards will not only create a new foundation for your life, but will elevate you to a higher sense of responsibility and will prime your mind for the changes that are on the horizon.

In The End, Change is The Only Inevitable Constant. So Choose How You Want to Change, and Change Quickly.

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