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Let’s Do This

It’s time to take your life to the next level. Explore the options below and let’s start creating the life you want.

Introductory Session

(Limit one per person)
  • 30 Minute Phone/Skype Session
  • Introductory Life Assessment Form

6 Month Transformation

  • 14 Coaching Sessions (each session varying 45-75 min.)
  • 2 Strategic Life Planning Sessions (30 min. each.
  •  Full Life Assessment Package
  • Text/Video Resources to Aid Transformation
  • Unlimited Email Correspondence


Introductory Session

Exploration of Goals & Challenges

In this powerful 30 minute session, you and I will work together to identify your biggest struggles and obstacles that are currently holding you back from living your best life, and some strategies to counter them.

This is real coaching; not 10 minutes of guidance and then a 20 minute sales pitch (I despise coaches that do that). I will hold nothing back in our session, so there is a good chance we may extend a bit past 30 minutes.

If, at the end, we both decide we’re a good fit to work together, I will recommend you to explore some of the other coaching options.

Here’s the rub. This session is a one-time only deal. It’s also ONLY $7. Yes, you read that right, seven dollars. There’s two reasons for this:

  1. By paying 7 bucks, it tells me that you’re committed to change and you’re willing to invest in yourself. It navigates through the freebie seekers and those ready for growth.
  2. When I was in most need of coaching, I couldn’t afford it. I don’t want anyone to suffer that same pain. $7 could get you a sandwich or it could change your life; you choose.

3 Month Transformation

Most Popular Program

The 3 month coaching package is my most frequently sought after program. I can say with 100% honestly, you will not view life the same after completing this transformation.

You and I will work together for a total of 8 sessions over the course of 3 months. We will conduct the first 4 sessions every week, and the remaining four will be held every other week.

The first four weeks are designed to identify your current patterns and remove all of the aspects of your mindset that are no longer getting you what you want. After the first month, we work together to create the life you want through strategic life planning and success-mindset development.This strategy has proven to be most effective when working towards change.

6 Month Transformation

Half a Year of Non-Stop Growth

The ultimate transformation package. For 6 months, you and I will work together to keep you moving forward on your journey to your best life.

The 6 month transformation starts with the 4 consecutive weeks in the beginning, as mentioned in the 3 month transformation, and follows for the remaining 5 months with coaching sessions every other week.

This package is perfect for those looking for massive and lasting change in their lives.

Single Session

Rarely do I conduct single sessions, as it usually takes a few sessions to truly get to the core of what changes need to be made in your particular situation.

That said, if you feel that one session is all you need, I’d be more than happy to work with you and help you on your path to less stress and more fulfillment.

Single Session

  • 1 Coaching Session (session varying 45-75 min.)
  • 1 Life Assessment Form


Why I Do What I Do

“I highly recommend anyone who wants to improve their life – professionally or personally to contact Chaz and find out how he can help you.  Working with Chaz was the best thing I ever did for myself.”


– Sharon Graney

” I’d recommend Chaz to anyone. He will believe in you and have confidence in you, even in the moments when you don’t have it for yourself. “


– Monica Seaman

“If you’re interested in coaching and want to be lead by a man who will put your best interest first than look no further than Chaz Malewski.”

Cody McGreevy

– Cody McGreevy

“I would recommend that others should try coaching with Chaz for the mere fact that you will have someone in your corner…another set of eyes so to speak. He will give you HONEST feedback and ask very difficult questions, but in the end, you will feel a sense of relief after each session.”


– Dee Nardozzi

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