“I need to find my passion.”

I hear it all too often.

Sometimes, I hear it multiple times in the same day.

“I need to find my passion,” is the battle cry of most people that feel stuck in life. Some feel less optimistic about their circumstances and sing to the tune of, “I don’t think I will ever find my passion.”

If you feel like you fall into the above classifications, or any other similar vain of stagnation in life, listen up. This post is staring directly into your soul.

There is a fundamental secret to discovering your passion that often gets ignored or overlooked. Ready to learn what it is?

You’ve already found your passion.

In fact, you’ve found multiple passions. And you’ll find even more as you progress through life. Odds are that you aren’t recognizing them as passions, however, because you’re disguising them as hobbies or “just something you like to do.”

I’d be willing to bet that you expend more time and mental focus trying to “find your passion” than taking a passion you already have and building a life around it.

Honestly, there is a major misconception that surrounds the idea of needing to find a passion. We base our idea of finding a passion on other people’s successes in life.

Your passion is not some esoteric ideology reserved for that one time in the vague future when you have a shower-epiphany.

Your passions are surrounding you every single day, but you’re losing sight of them for a few reasons:

You don’t believe you can create a life around your passion.  

Let’s pretend you play an instrument. You love to play this instrument.

Every time you pick up the instrument, you disappear from the physical world and fully lose yourself in the moment. And in this moment, you experience more joy and fulfillment than in other area of your life.

That’s a passion.

However, you’ve heard horror stories about how difficult it is to make a living as a musician. You’ve been told that it’s not worth the risk to attempt playing music full time. Maybe you’ve even been mocked for having such lofty aspirations.

Now this passion has been beaten down into a hobby. The more frequently this passion gets negative feedback, the less likely you are to give it a fighting chance.

Have you ever had a similar experience?

Your passions aren’t getting the attention they deserve.

It’s ridiculous to think that something that makes us truly happy should only get 45 minutes of attention every other week when we can spare some time from our everyday lives. Yet we think this way all the time.

In order for your passion to be realized, it has to be able to grow.

Think of something you love to do, but don’t dedicate nearly as much time to as you’d like. If you were to add an additional half hour of focused energy to this passion, how would it impact your life? How much of a difference would an hour make.

You give up before you even start.

I once knew someone that wanted to be a photographer. They had no idea what it took to become a photographer, but they thought it would be really fun to build a photography business and take captivating pictures of life.

They bought a camera, took a few pictures, uploaded the photos to the internet, and stopped shortly after. The idea of building a business out of this pursuit was so daunting that this person gave up on the idea without any further exploration.

Ultimately, the fear of uncertainty trumped the hope of opportunity, and a potential passion was lost.

It is in times like these that we develop our passion. Yet, in order to develop these passions and realize their true capabilities, we must throw ourselves into them. In time, the passion will take you over and you will do whatever it takes to grow a life around it.

Can you think of a potential passion you gave up on before it even got started?

How to really “Find your passion.”

Since I don’t want to leave you all lost with a lot of information, yet no actionable steps, I have developed a five-step method to help you “find your passion.”

1) Write down three things you currently do that bring you joy (Really think on this one. Don’t just jump ship with an “I don’t know.”)

2) Identify the one out of the three that brings you the most fulfillment.

3) Answer this question: What has to happen for you to turn this passion into a lifestyle?

4) Answer this question: How will this passion improve your life?

5) Set some time aside each day to grow and develop this passion. If you do, it will eventually become a priority and, ultimately, your passion.

Always remember, you are constantly brimming with passion. The only place you may have to look for it is in a mirror.

Now, go be happy and stuff. 😉

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