Realistic people are boring.

Soooooo boring.

And they’re liars. Excuse makers. Weak-minded. Fearful. Etc.

Even worse, realistic people tend to shy away from taking risks. This can mean the difference between living an incredible, passionate life or living a 9-5, soul-sucking existence.

Realistic people are the very first ones to shit on your dreams. Why? Because your dreams aren’t realistic! Your aspirations are crazy! You might lose some things in pursuit of those dreams! Why can’t you just be happy with your crappy job/relationship/business/friendship/health?

Why can’t you just be like everyone else?

Because everyone else is boring, that’s why.

Trying to be realistic is the first step you need to take if you want to settle in your life and live unfulfilled, but it can become so safe and reassuring at times that we believe it is the only decision we have.

Sure, you’ll be able to pay your bills. You’ll probably buy a reasonably priced and sized house because it’s what your realistic job can pay for. Your sedan might just be “good enough” because it’s unrealistic to think you could afford that nice convertible. You might one day marry the lesser attractive (both physically and emotionally) person you met at the bar, because if we’re being realistic, the more attractive one you really wanted to talk to probably wouldn’t want you anyway, right?


Brace Yourselves…

There are two times in your life where you should be realistic, and two times only.

1. Life or death situation.
2. If you think you can win an argument with your wife or girlfriend.

That’s it.

We were born to be dreamers and creators, not worriers and drones. We only advance the planet by progressing it, and the only way we do that is with the dreamers that actually wake up and act on their dreams.

By sitting on your dreams, and remaining inactive in their pursuit, they are decaying away and you are depriving the world of the gift that you are holding onto so selfishly. You could be impacting millions. You could be changing the world. Or you could be creating the life you’ve always imagined for yourself while enjoying every second of the process. You could be leaving a legacy and model for your children to follow.

But you choose to be realistic. You choose to be comfortably uncomfortable.
It’s time to stop lying to yourself and claiming that you need to live cautiously in order to have certain things that keep you comfortable. Being realistic sent me into severe depression and caused me to lose my connection to both myself and the world. I don’t want anyone else to suffer this fate, yet I know it’s already happening to so many.

Your life is yours to live and yours to dictate what will be done with it.

On your grave, there will be a headstone.

On that headstone will be two dates separated by a hyphen.

The hyphen is everything you did on this earth between those dates, so you better make it worthy of the headstone.

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