worthYou may or may not know, but you are establishing your worth every single day.

I’m not speaking in terms of actual yearly profit you receive; more in terms of how you would value yourself. We get so tied up in the monetary aspect of things that we start to base our decisions on the actual paper dollar, not the idea of the note itself.

For those struggling to grasp this concept, I’ll provide an example.

If I asked, “Hey Steve, how much money do you think you’re worth?” And Steve replied, “Uhh, I dunno.”
Then I already know Steve makes much less money than he wants to and has become complacent with that lifestyle.

On the other hand, if Steve replied, “I’m worth a million bucks!” I’d still have a problem with his answer.

I’d say Steve is thinking small. Very small.

My follow up question would be asking Steve why he wasn’t worth two million bucks? Or three million bucks? Or, hey, a billion for that matter?

Steve would probably give me the same “I dunno” answer that he gave before, indicating his same financial income we guessed at previously.

The point I’m making is that we are our biggest self-limiters when it comes to the world of finance. We love to dream big, but think small because we believe we can only achieve the smaller feat. It’s more comfortable to risk little and gain small than to risk everything for a major profit, yet it takes a lifetime to get anywhere with your money until you’re old enough to miss out on completely enjoying it. That’s not a comfortable living; that’s suffering.

I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting a multi-millionaire who, at the time, had aspirations of becoming a billionaire. I was quite naïve, yet had the nerve to ask him, “Hey, how much money do you make.”

Quick pro tip: don’t ever ask somebody this question. It’s indicating that you’re curious about them, but only because of their wealth. Whether or not that’s how they perceive the question is irrelevant. Just don’t do it unless they’re already discussing the topic of their wealth.

I’ll never forget his response though, because it was not what I was expecting to hear.

He looked me in the eye, gave me a half smirk, and said, “Nowhere near as much as I’m going to make.”
Then he turned and walked away as I picked my jaw up off the floor.

Here’s a man with more money than he knows what to do with, yet he’s still not satisfied! That’s the attitude that separates the financially independent from those making a “comfortable” living.

Now, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with making an average salary and enjoying it if that makes you happy. I grew up in a lower-middle class household and never had a care in the world. If you make fifty thousand a year and love your life to the very last aspect then please, move on and read something more applicable to you. However, if you want to make more money, keep reading.

Money is kind of like sex (minus the clean-up and cuddling afterwards).


Well, maybe the cuddling would still be acceptable…

When you have a lot of it, you are in your own personal heaven. It gives you a feeling of euphoria, excitement, pleasure and stress relief.

When you don’t have it, all you do is think about it. Women, you experience this too, don’t lie.
So, why wouldn’t you be working your ass off to become stupid wealthy?

Normally, now is when the excuses come in and the real indicator of someone’s belief in themselves succeeding is revealed.

We non-zillionaires like to treat our obstacles as excuses as to why we can’t achieve something, because we get to avoid personal responsibility. If there were nothing for us to blame for our lack of success, we would have to swallow the bitter pill of truth that shows we didn’t exhaust every single resource we had to achieve our goal. It means we let doubt in our abilities win the fight against success. And this makes us feel bad. So, it’s easier to make an excuse.

Billionaires, or those striving to become billionaires, don’t make excuses because they can’t afford to. For them, it is uncomfortable to not be wealthy, so every obstacle becomes an opportunity. There is no other option in their minds.

Ideas/Businesses/Relationships/Dreams don’t fail, people just give up.

In order to start making more money, you need to develop the mindset that you are actually worth much more than you are currently making. Dress the way you would dress if you had an unlimited cash flow. Work with the same hustle you would as if your multi-million dollar company depended on it. Create habits that will attract more money into your life such as investing a little more money into an IRA account or contacting a minimum of five new prospects every day.

Small, consistent changes in your daily routine can lead to massive financial gain in the long run.
Every single person deserves exactly the amount of money they are currently making if they’re doing nothing to increase their income.

I started my first job as an appliance store warehouse employee making nine dollars per hour. I lifted heavy objects all day and put them on shelves. Not a bad gig for a sixteen year old.

As time progressed, I got sick of the job and disgruntled at the fact I was only making nine dollars per hour. So, I barely put in much effort and did little to advance my pay. I hated my job more and more, yet I was still making the same amount of money.

One day I went up to my boss and asked him for a raise. He said no and that I was making much more than the average warehouse worker. So, I then said that I wanted a position that payed more money and I’d be willing to do whatever was asked of me. He thought about it and promoted me to a delivery driver, where I made sixteen dollars per hour. Not too impressive of a number, but it’s more than I was getting and that’s not the moral of the story.

I learned at a very young age that if you want something in life, you go after it.

And I want all of you to go after what you want in life.

Which now brings me to the climax of this article; the commanding strategy to making more money. It’s a five-step process that, if continuously reinforced, cannot fail. The principles are simple:

(The following portion of this article is also featured on Thought Catalog)

1. Know Where You Are

a. Evaluate your current income and decide whether or not you are happy with the end-of-year total.
b. Track your monthly spending. Document any unnecessary purchases you make and tally up the total each month. This will give you a hard number of how much money you could be saving and contributing towards your yearly income.
c. After all the bills are paid and expenses deducted, how much “play” money do you have each month? Play money is any amount of money that is not planned for a future payment, expense, or fund. You can simply spend it on the things you desire.
d. Evaluate your current lifestyle and determine whether or not it is conducive to your life goals (friends, family, social interactions, etc.).

2. Know Where You Want to Be

a. Create a vision board of your life. This board should contain pictures, quotes, idols, and anything else that will continuously reinforce your desires. Put this board somewhere that is clearly visible to you every day. This will serve as a daily reminder of why you are willing to put in the extra work.
b. Determine how much money you would need to make each year (rough estimate) in order to embrace this new lifestyle.
c. Make the pain of staying where you are greater than the pain of working your ass off to get where you want to get. This will remove all temptations of staying in your comfort zone and ignoring your true earning potential.
d. Model someone successful that you greatly admire. They’ve already created the blueprint of what it takes to be successful. Utilize their principles in your daily life and begin creating your own blueprint.

3. Battle Formations- Make a Plan

a. All this wishing and wanting is nothing without some sort of an actionable plan. Begin to develop new revenue strategies and tactics for your life.
b. Set an ultimate goal date; this is the day you plan to reach a major accomplishment (like owning a fully functional batmobile).
c. Develop sub-dates under the ultimate goal date in which you will accomplish smaller feats that will be continuously progressing you towards your end goal.
d. Contact established people in your chosen field that will be willing to speak with you and help you on your way to financial successes. Gleaning even a little information from these individuals could make major differences in your personal income.
e. Block out specific times during your week to work on building your dream and commit to these times until they become habit.

4. Follow the Plan (This is the most important one)

a. How many times have you had a great plan of action, followed it for three weeks, and then gave up for fear of failure or discouragement? Do not give up on your plan!
b. When things get tough, and they will, continue to execute things as you have them mapped out in your plan. That’s why you created the plan in the first place.
c. Even if you miss a sub-goal, do not become discouraged. Continue working towards that final, long-term goal. Chances are, you will achieve the sub-goal anyway in pursuit of the end-goal.
d. Get an accountability partner. This person is allowed to call you out on your shit if you start to make excuses and take your foot off the gas in pursuit of your goals. If you really want to up the stakes, entrust that partner with a financial commitment: write them a check for an impressive amount of money, set a date for a goal you wish to achieve, and achieve that goal on or before said date. If you don’t achieve the goal by your chosen date, they get to deposit that check. I highly advise choosing someone you trust with your money, obviously.
e. Get a coach. Coaching comes in so many forms these days and, honestly, you’d have a hard time not finding a coach that will cater to your aspirations. Coaches are effective at identifying your blindspots and helping you see all angles of the current situation. Coaches have the ability to eliminate all bias and present things in black and white. Plus, we could all use a little assistance here and there.

5. Trust Yourself and Be Persistent 

a. You have a great vision, you have a great attitude, you have a great mindset, and you have a great plan. Don’t let rejection or failure stop all of your hard work and dedication. No successful man or woman made it to the top with ease.
b. Things are going to be difficult at times and you will want to give up. That’s the exact moment when you will grow as a human being, as long as you don’t quit. Persevere and reap the long-term benefits.
c. The longer you dedicate yourself to your goal, the easier the journey becomes. Believe in your abilities and don’t ever let anyone tell you it’s not possible, especially yourself.
So, I’ll ask you one more time, how much are you worth?

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